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OS Lotos Just - Public and free redistribution of the OS distribution lotus not for commercial use . This distribution is based on the debian package base. The distribution is provided “as is”, without any guarantee, to the extent permitted by law. To the extent permitted by law, neither Instream LLC nor its licensors are under any circumstances liable for any special, incidental, direct or indirect damages (including unlimited losses from business loss, business interruption, financial losses, legal costs and fines resulting from a court decision, or any other indirect loss) incurred as a result of using the Software Products, even if instream LLC or its licensors were aware of or cases of such damage.

All rights to the components of the Software Products belong to their respective authors and are protected by intellectual property laws and copyright with respect to the software. Instream LLC and its suppliers and licensors reserve the right to modify or adapt the Software Products (as a whole or in parts) in any way and for any purposes. “Lotos”, “Lotos just”, “Lotos”, “Lotos Just” and the corresponding logos are trademarks of the company Instream.


  • Included tools to facilitate the work of people with disabilities (virtual keyboard, screen magnifier, mouse cursor control with a video camera, support for Braille keyboard, Narrator, various color schemes for visually impaired people)
  • changing the kernel version through a graphical utility
  • work mode hibernation
  • setting quotas for users
  • the ability to install games from the store Steam
  • for fans of mining in the repository there are programs for the extraction of existing cryptocoins
  • support for modern processors, motherboards and video cards
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