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Instream Ltd provides technical support only genuine products purchased from us or from our partners (you can find the list of partners on our website in the "Partners" section). For software products of Instream Ltd, free downloaded via the Internet or purchased in another way, technical support is not provided.
To activate technical support, after purchasing the product, you must contact our technical support center at the coordinates indicated on the documents you received with the product.
Technical support is provided in the following ways:
  • Via e-mail: support@instreamcom.com
  • By multi-channel phone: +7 (351) 200-20-32 ext. 103
Field work Field work is not included in the standard OS Lotos service plans, but can be implemented by agreement with the Customer. For advice on this issue, contact us in any way convenient for you.
The annual technical support for our Lotus operating system includes:
Prioritization of problems
  • Critical means a complete shutdown of the system and the impossibility of a normal continuation of the work activities of your entire company.
  • Important means that part of the software continues to work, but it is not enough to continue the normal functioning of the company.
  • Current means non-critical problems in the system, a partial loss of functionality, which leads to a loss of performance, but does not lead to a complete cessation of work in general.
  • A request means problems that do not require an urgent solution: errors in the documentation, general questions on use, minor errors in the operation of the software
No software is supported, except for the fact that it comes in the basic Lotos package. Also, software packages that have been modified or recompiled from source are not supported. Any problems or errors related to recompiled programs from the distribution kit must be reproduced on binary versions of the programs delivered in the Lotos distribution kit before contacting support.