OS Lotos

OS Lotos is included in the Register of domestic software. Register number 4695.
OS Lotos is intended for corporate use only.
OS Lotos is distributed in several editions:
Server and Desktop (32-bit/64-bit)
The basic principles in the development of OS Lotos: ease of implementation, daily use and administration of the operating system.
Editors benefits for workstations:
  • Support 32-bit/64-bit architectures
  • OS size occupied after installing 3GB
  • Minimum RAM 1GB
  • Работа с бездисковыми системами с загрузкой ОС Лотос по сети и подключением домашней папки пользователя с сервера
  • Support protocols: SSH, RDP, VNC, NX, CITRIX, XDMCP, SPICE, VMWARE
  • Spport vitrual machines
  • Use centralized authorization tools.
  • Support different printers and scanners
Low implementation costs:
  • Simple administration tools;
  • Powerful data migration tools for servers (shared documents, user accounts, user groups, organizational units, group policies, global address book, shared calendars) and local workstations (documents, local accounts, local calendar events );
  • Low training costs for confident use of the Lotus OS, users and system administrators are sufficiently qualified by the user or the MS Windows administrator, respectively. The ability to access most of the functions of the system through a graphical user interface. Understandable file system structure and familiar to Windows users desktop view;
Low cost of ownership:
  • Access to most system functions via a graphical user interface;
  • Own directory service Lotos Directory allows you to quickly and easily organize work in the domain. Lotos Directory easily integrates with other services, such as collaboration tools;
  • Lotus implements the ability to use group policies from the graphical administrator interface, which provides a new level of convenience and ease of administration of information systems. Using group policies is available, both for domains based on Lotos Directory, and for domains based on Active Directory (based on MS Windows 2008 and later);
  • The operating system Administration console Lotos isolates the configuration files of the operating system from the administrator, giving him a clear graphical interface for changing system parameters;
  • In the Lotus operating system, a mechanism is implemented for delegating part of the administrator's rights to the user, which allows to reduce the cost of administering the operating system without compromising the security of using the operating system. The decision on the volume of delegation of rights is made by the administrator during the configuration phase. Rights are delegated:
    • for setting up and managing printers;
    • install and uninstall software;
    • network configuration and many others


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