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The presence of authorized training centers that have licenses for educational activities:
  • In Chelyabinsk - a perpetual license to carry out educational activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk region.
  • In Moscow - an unlimited license for educational activities of the Department of Education of Moscow
  • Field training on the territory of the Customer in the implementation of implementation projects and the acquisition of a sufficient number of participants.
According to the results of training, certificates and certificates of professional development of the established form are issued. Training is carried out according to the curriculum:
  • A user of the Lotos operating system is a full-time / part-time training course in the amount of 72 hours. According to the results of the training, the user:
    • Able to install the Lotus operating system;
    • Has the skills to work with the desktop, taskbar, start menu, file manager;
    • Able to work with files, run programs;
    • Able to install and uninstall application software;
    • He has the skills of local system administration.
  • Administrator of the Lotos operating system 72 hours of full-time / part-time training. Following the results of training, the administrator:
    • He has the skills to administer the Lotus operating system in a corporate network;
    • Able to create, modify and delete domain users;
    • Able to manage password policies and group policies;
    • Has the necessary skills to manage the settings of the Lotus operating system in a local area network;
Training is carried out as groups are recruited.