СCollaboration "Argument"

Средство совместной работы Аргумент

Currently, the OS Lotos includes its own software product - a collaboration tool Argument. According to its functionality, Argument is an analogue of MS Exchange.
If necessary, the Argument collaboration tool can be used under the control of most other domestic operating systems.
Title: Argument Collaboration
Purpose: The program is designed for messaging and collaboration of users of corporate networks.
Scope: The program is used on corporate network servers for:
  • organizing mail exchange and filtering;
  • file sharing;
  • sharing calendars, tasks, and address book. Functionality:
    • The program supports the following protocols: IMAP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP, CalDav, CardDav, WebDav;
    • Processing and forwarding emails;
    • A customizable tool to prevent unwanted correspondence (antispam);
    • Sharing calendars, tasks, and address book;
    • File Sharing;
    • Argument is tightly integrated with the Lotos Directory;
    • Ability to store mail messages in a separate database.
      The program is written in C, C ++, Python, Perl, Java. Отправить отзыв История Сохранено Сообщества